Starting over again

I had really intended to write in this blog regularly, but as you can see that really didn’t happen! I do have a few ideas of some topics and hope to at least write weekly (and eventually have my son do some writing too).

In the words of a much missed Terry Pratchett, I Aten’t Dead.


When Being Anonymous Is Okay

One of my favorite cartoonists is Adam who creates comics about autism on his blog Autism Owl. I don’t know anything about Adam other than what he puts on his “About” page, but the reason I mention him is because to me he seems mostly anonymous.  I feel a little camaraderie in this instance because of how I’ve decided to start this blog. Anonymously.

There’s a lot of autistic people on the Internet (*waves*) that use their real name, location, pictures of themselves and that’s okay too! You might think this is a silly topic for a post, but perhaps it’s because I need to address the little nagging voice inside me that thinks others might think my voice less valuable because you don’t have a real name or a picture to link to my words. Some people have that information, but only after a lot of personal conversations where I feel it’s all right to reveal more.

Trip A, which is my story on the Autistic Odometer, is currently anonymous but maybe eventually my son, Trip B, would prefer to not be anonymous. He’s also had a lot more time in his lifetime to be autistic and might feel okay about coming out online. I’ve had less time and I worry a lot (a lot, a lot) about what might happen if I came out to my current workplace. I’ve also had mixed experiences of revealing my autism to others (see “You Don’t Look Autistic”), which also often causes me to tuck back inside the comfortable blanket fort of being anonymous.

So in the meantime, here’s a few facts about me that you can know right now!

  • I don’t live in Alaska
  • I’m actually not a Gray Whale. Sorry about that. I do like whales, though.
  • I really like the scientific classification of animals (hence the name Eschrichtiidae).
  • I often use my son’s weighted blanket (he says he no longer needs it, but I do. Oh well.)
  • I want to be an intern on the top of Mount Washington in the middle of winter and see the Northern Lights.
  • If I ruled the world, there would be more sensory-friendly events geared toward adults and not just for kids